Step five: planning for the future

The far horizon
The far horizon

Once the first shipment has left the UK there are several steps to take to increase your chance of repeat business and help you to build a good reputation internationally as a reliable exporter…

Don’t forget to maintain your promotional activity to keep momentum building, through trade fairs and advertising. Establishing a brand in a new market can take just as long as it did when you started out at home.

Be flexible in your approach to exporting. While you may have set your sights on growth in one market, be prepared to shift your focus to surrounding markets if there is demand, but remember to continue to put as much effort into your exporting plan once it’s up and running as you did at the outset.

An international trade survey carried out earlier this year by the BCC showed that the majority of current exporters (59%) recorded sales growth in 2014, while a third of exporters (34%) had to expand their production capacity last year to cope with demand from international markets. This highlights the significant potential rewards for businesses that make the leap into international markets.

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