SMEs claim Brexit won't hurt EU exports

SMEs claim Brexit won't harm exports
SMEs claim Brexit won't harm exports

UK business owners have claimed that concerns about exporting to the EU will not factor in when it comes to voting on the referendum on the 23 June.

A survey of small business owners by Sage found that 43% do not export to the EU and have no plans to do so, and 25% claimed they believe there would be no impact to their ability to trade with the EU in the event of a Brexit. Only 4% of respondents said they think there would be a significant impact.

Almost a third (30%) of respondents say they’re undecided on whether they’ll vote to stay or remain in the EU, and over half (56%) say it’s the facts that will have the biggest impact on their decision. 38% confirm they want to stay in the European Union, with 31% feeling Britain would be better off out. However, 17% of those surveyed say they’ll place their vote based on gut instinct.

“The true impact of a Brexit on UK exports has been a hotly contested topic with both sides of the in/out divide in disagreement when it comes to assessing the commercial value of Britain’s relationship with Europe”, said Sage Europe president Brendan Flattery. “Today’s survey results demonstrate that for Small & Medium Businesses – which make up more than two-thirds of new jobs, representing an enormous proportion of the UK population – this is not a serious matter for concern.”