SME opinion split on Brexit

SME opinion split on EU
SME opinion split on EU

A new survey has found a 51/49% split of SMEs in favour of leaving the EU. The poll, by flexible workspace provider, Instant Offices, surveyed 1,089 companies across the UK.

Among the UK’s largest cities, the division among Britain’s SMEs was more pronounced with 58% of firms in London wanting to stay in the EU, the predominant reason being that the country risks being sidelined if it leaves. But in Manchester, a robust 61% will vote for a Brexit with only 39% in favour of staying, citing better border control and more employment opportunities for British people as the key reason to leave.

Large majorities in Edinburgh (72%) and Bristol (64%) would vote to stay in the EU, with the largest proportion of SMEs in each stating that the risk of isolation in Europe was the key reason to stay.

Instant Offices CEO Tim Rodber said: Across the country as a whole, we place hundreds of UK SMEs in office spaces each month and have yet to see demand curtail ahead of the Brexit. However, we can see that the country is divided by the potential Brexit with different regional markets showing more concern than others, with London firms seeking to stay in the UK but the 2nd and 3rd largest cities wanting to leave.”