SME news in brief: Europe, customer satisfaction, Brexit, US

Export news in brief
Export news in brief

UK reportedly has the most satisfied customers in Europe

The UK has the highest customer satisfaction rates in Europe –scoring an overall customer satisfaction rating of 76.1, three points higher than its closest rival, Germany (73.1).

The data by the Institute of Customer Service also shows that countries such as Germany and the UK, which have lower unemployment levels and greater GDP per capita, tended to have the best customer satisfaction scores. Conversely, those countries with higher rates of unemployment and lower GDP – such as France, Italy and Spain – all score lower for customer satisfaction.

The research, which compares levels of customer satisfaction across eight European nations – UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Sweden and the Netherlands - shows the UK topping the table for customer satisfaction in all six sectors surveyed, except for Transport (in which it comes joint first with Poland) and Utilities (which was topped by Germany).

Brexit could damage UK-US trade

The upcoming EU referendum could spell a decline in trade between the UK and the US. This is the warning from international courier ParcelHero, which claims that there could be increased transport costs as the UK becomes a less competitive market for US couriers and ‘customs clearance’ charges imposed by global carriers.

In addition, the parcel broker is warning the impact could be worse if the UK falls outside the planned US-EU Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) agreement.

The aim of the TTIP is to remove customs duties on most EU-US trade. Currently many items sold between the two trading blocks are subject to duties: for example, US buyers pay 2.5% tariffs on EU-built cars and Europe pays 10% on US-made cars. These duties would be scrapped under the new agreement. However, if the UK left the EU it would not be included in the deal and would continue to be subject to US tariffs.