Research Exchange – the global plan

Research Exchange case study
Research Exchange case study

What countries do you operate in?

Currently 80 per cent of our activity takes place in the UK; however we have suppliers in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, and the USA too. supports 33 countries which are mainly across the EU, North America and Asia.

What is the next country to target?

Most likely Germany and France

What is your global plan?

Ultimately we will have presence globally, and we will connect buyers and suppliers across the world.

How much research goes in to setting up overseas expansion? Do you visit the places you are looking to sell to?

A lot of research goes into decisions around expansion, it is important to have a solid understanding of the state of the industry in the country you are looking to operate in, in order to understand where your company will fit. We carry out research amongst the buyers and suppliers in these countries that we are looking to target.

What have been the main challenges for exporting?

Understanding the cultural nuances will certainly be a challenge, but also what will make it so interesting. Being able to connect buyers and suppliers not only based on the research project but on the organisational culture is a huge thing; in this sense, we will be opening doors to thousands of organisations which otherwise would not have these opportunities.

What cultural differences have you encountered, and have they affected the way you do business with certain regions?

We have experienced few, yet as our focus is still very much on the UK; however, I am sure that there will be learning curves along the way which only help us to shape a better business.