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News in brief
News in brief

European women are less ambitious

European countries are lagging behind developing nations when it comes to female ambition in the workplace, with the UK, Germany, France and the Netherlands falling furthest behind.

Only 11% of women in the UK believe they need to reach the most senior levels, MD or CEO, in order to feel successful in their careers, compared to 18% of men. This compares to 28% in Malaysia, 22% in Colombia and 18% in the UAE, according to a survey of over 11,500 people globally from recruiting experts, Hays.

The lack of female talent at the top is showing no signs of reversing. Women in senior management tend to be concentrated in support functions rather than leadership roles at the core of the organisation. Recent research has shown that globally only 9% of women are chief executive officer (CEO) or chief operating officers (COO). Chief financial officer (CFO) roles are slightly higher with 18% of these roles held by women, according to data from Grant Thornton.

Hays CEO Alistair Cox said: “It is a worrying reality that so few women aspire to reach the most senior roles in their organisation. The fact that their career ambitions are being cut short is particularly concerning, given that women are very ambitious when it comes to manager and director roles.”

Contest offers SMEs the chance to go global

Small businesses are to be given the chance to win up to £20,000 to go global as part of the new FedEx Small Business Grant Contest in the UK.

Small businesses are exporting more than they are importing with more than half (53%) of British SMEs export. However, reports suggest the UK may be unable to reach the government’s exporting target of £1trillion by 2020. Providing SMEs with financial support and advice is therefore of paramount importance, so they can fulfil their own development and success while continuing to drive the economy forward.

The FedEx Small Business Grant UK is therefore providing a platform helping these companies to invest in their future.

“Small businesses are facing a number of challenges every day, whether sourcing finance, evolving market conditions or meeting the government’s targets. At FedEx, we want to help these businesses flourish while encouraging entrepreneurial spirit. We believe even ideas that start small can have huge potential, and the small businesses that we serve every day are a powerful illustration of that,” said FedEx Services executive vice president of global marketing and communications Raj Subramaniam.

“The competition, which provides tangible financial grants, demonstrates our commitment to helping small businesses unleash their potential and realise their dreams.”