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News in brief

Lloyds to help thousands of first-time exporters

Lloyds Banking Group has launched a drive to help thousands of UK businesses become ‘first time’ exporters.

The Group’s export pledge will see it support 5,000 first time exporters during 2016, and a total of 25,000 by 2020 – a target which will help contribute towards the UK Government’s goal of helping 100,000 businesses start trading overseas, as part of its Exporting is GREAT campaign, by the end of the decade.

Lloyds Banking Group SME Banking MD Gareth Oakley said: “The future success of the UK economy hinges on small businesses looking to overseas markets for growth. Through this new pledge, we want to support a new legion of UK exporters, and ultimately to help the UK economy to prosper.

“We have been working in partnership with UKTI for the past year, looking at ways to boost UK exports, and through this commitment we hope to contribute towards its goal of supporting 100,000 new exporters by 2020.”

London ranks 4th in ‘future-ready economies’ study

Dell has recognised 50 cities around the world for embracing technology to adapt and thrive in an ever-changing and globalised future.

This ranking, the Dell Future- Ready Economies Model, scores high-growth global metropolitan areas based on attributes that enable people and organisations to access new tools and new ideas that deliver better connectivity, better economic performance – and a greater ability to attract talent.

The cities positioned in the Global 50 ranking were evaluated along three dimensions:

• Human capital: A Future-Ready Economy has people equipped with the right skills to drive meaningful social and economic change.

• Infrastructure: A Future-Ready Economy has the infrastructure necessary to support the people, businesses, and technology that enable progress over time.

• Commerce: A Future-Ready Economy provides sustained opportunities for businesses to accelerate innovation, growth and profitability.

“We live in a digital age in which the power of innovation to transform our world is all around us,” Dell corporate brand and purpose executive director Liz Matthews said. “The cities where we live are faced with new challenges every day, from supporting a growing population and building a thriving culture, to fueling economic opportunity for everyone. By understanding Future-Ready Economies and their attributes, cities, businesses and people can create policies and strategies that will enable them to prosper and achieve strong economic health.”

The Future-Ready Ranking of 50 Global Economies:

1. San Jose, Calif.

2. San Francisco, Calif.

3. Singapore

4. London

5. Washington, DC

6. Boston, Mass.

7. Austin, Texas

8. Raleigh, N.C.

9. Stockholm

10. Sydney

11. Toronto

12. Seoul-Incheon

13. Seattle, Wash.

14. Denver, Colo.

15. Portland, Ore.

16. Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

17. New York, N.Y.

18. Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minn.

19. Houston, Texas

20. Atlanta, Ga.

21. Charlotte, N.C.

22. Chicago, Ill.

23. Munich

24. Beijing

25. Hong Kong

26. Paris

27. Taipei

28. Shanghai

29. Louisville, Ky.

30. Salt Lake City, Utah

31. Guangzhou

32. Tokyo

33. Moscow

34. Des Moines, Iowa

35. Los Angeles, Calif.

36. Pittsburgh, Pa.

37. Columbus, Ohio

38. Indianapolis, Ind.

39. Milan

40. Sao Paulo

41. Buenos Aires

42. San Antonio, Texas

43. Orlando, Fla.

44. Delhi

45. Suzhou

46. Istanbul

47. Jakarta

48. Tianjin

49. Shenzhen

50. Mexico City