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News in brief
News in brief

Minister hails UK-Tanzania relationship

James Duddridge, Minister for Africa, visited Tanzania recently to meet with Minister for Foreign Affairs Mahiga, Trade and Industry Minister Mwijage, and the Minister for Policy, Parliament and Employment in the Prime Minister’s Office, Jenista Mhagama.

During his two-day trip Mr Duddridge hailed the strengths of UK-Tanzania relationship as he met with UK companies currently investing in Tanzania and heard about the potential for British businesses in industries such as infrastructure and energy.

At the end of his visit Mr Duddridge said: “Tanzania has been a great friend of the UK for many years and I enjoyed seeing how our relationship has developed and grown over a broad range of issues. I was particularly happy to renew the UK-Tanzania prosperity partnership which has the potential to benefit both our countries greatly.

“I also raised my concerns over the political situation in Zanzibar. With so many connections, friendships and common priorities, Tanzania and the UK can build a partnership that will deliver benefits for both our countries for many years to come.”

Women still struggling to reach senior business roles

Almost four in ten businesses in G7 countries have no women in senior management positions compared to a sixth of firms in Eastern Europe.

This is according to the annual Grant Thornton survey of 5,520 businesses in 36 economies, which reported the worrying lack of female senior managers despite widespread public commitments to equal opportunity and an abundance of research illustrating the commercial benefits of diverse leadership.

Globally, the proportion of senior business roles held by women stands at 24%, up slightly from 22% in 2015. However, this minor uplift has coincided with an increase in the percentage of firms with no women in senior management, at 33% in 2016 compared to 32% last year.

The G7 is among the worst performing regions, with just 22% of senior roles occupied by women and 39% of companies with no women in senior roles. Two of the worst performing individual countries are Japan, with just 7% senior roles held by women, and Germany, with 15%.