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News in brief
News in brief

UK spends an average of £115 sending gifts abroad

British consumers spend an average of £115 on sending gifts overseas, according to international parcel broker ParcelHero, with Australia, the US and Canada its top destinations.

ParcelHerohead of public relations David Jinks said: “It really is fascinating to see what the most popular items sent to different countries are. For example, people in Germany and New Zealand must love chocolate, as it’s by far the most popular gift to those countries, and Canada and Australia have an equally sweet tooth, their most frequent present is sweets.”

Jinks observes: “It’s also interesting to see how much we spend on people in each country. We spend a whopping £156 on average on gifts to Hong Kongand £145 to Australia, which must add up to a lot of sweets, looking at their most popular present. Oddly, we are a bit meaner with our US friends and relations, spending an average of just £88. That could be down to the fact you have to pay tax and duties on gifts above $100 sent to the US. However, of all our regular destinations, it is the poor Belgians who receive the lowest value gifts proportionately, with an average value of less than £50.”

Around 12% of gifts sent beyond the EU arrived too late for Christmas Day because they got stuck in Customs. That is why ParcelHero has introduced a new Christmas mailing page to make people aware of gift duties to every country and final sending dates.

New POS solution to tap into the Chinese tourism market

Wirecard Group and Alipay have teamed up to offer a new point-of-sale (POS) payment solution that will enable retailers to tap into the Chinese tourism market and provide a channel for them to engage with Chinese tourists.

Alipay is the largest provider of China's leading internet payment solution with 400 million active users, owning more than 50% of the market share in online payment and 80% in mobile. Its mobile wallet is being widely used for payments in online shops and also at the point-of-sale in China.

Now, Chinese users are able to pay with their smartphone and Alipay app at authorised POS retailers in Europe by using integrated barcode payment functionality from Wirecard, without the hassle of incurring currency exchange fees.