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SMEs slow to embrace digital future

Just one third of European companies are planning for a digital world, according to research by ???? specialist IDC, commissioned by OKI Europe.

Many companies would reportedly like to digitise documents to reduce physical storage in premium office or offsite space. One of the key benefits of business process automation is in providing the ability to archive documents in one place. By providing access to scanning functionality, users can digitise information for searchable access and scan direct to a specific destination, eliminating the need for a paper trail and moving towards building a digital footprint.

One solution put forward by IDC is the investment in multi-function printers, which it claims can lay the groundwork for document digitisation, including the ability to scan direct to email, to a specified folder that may be on a network or cloud-based for further utilisation or archiving. This meets the needs of the 66% of European companies who say that one of the key benefits of automating business processes is having archived documents in a single location.

Technology threatens to disrupt global outsourcing industry

AT Kearney has released its 2016 Global Services Location Index (GSLI), a research paper that analyses and ranks the top 55 countries for outsourcing worldwide based on metrics in three categories: financial attractiveness, people skills and availability and business environment.

The top-ranking countries have undergone little material change in position since the prior index, released in autumn 2014. However, there is a disturbance reportedly being felt throughout this already disruptive industry in terms of automation of business processes.

“Even though the top six or seven countries are landing in the same order this year as 2014, looking forward, this could all change radically because the very nature of what's being outsourced is changing,” said AT Kearnery’s strategic IT practice and principal author of the study, Arjun Sethi,

Automation is likely to displace the leadership of the likes of India and China in outsourcing. Technology’s progress continues to transform in unanticipated and fundamentally different ways; this affects not only where work is moving to, but how and by whom it is being moved –or by what –is being done.

You can view the rankings here: