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News in brief

Europe is making good progress towards a digital future

Digital transformation within European companies is making good progress, and is meeting with approval, particularly with younger workers. British companies have adapted extremely well to embrace digital transformation whilst France is at the bottom of the pile and Germany too is still playing catch-up.

These are the main findings of an online survey conducted by global brand and marketing consultancy Prophet on the progress of a digital future. The survey was conducted at the beginning of February 2016 and 3,500 young adults (18– 34 year-olds) in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany and France were questioned online.

The majority of respondents believe that leadership within their company is able to communicate the need for digital transformation well and include employees in the process. However, transformation often comes up against outmoded internal structures and, according to respondents, is happening too slowly. 66% of British, 70% of German and 74% of French respondents believe themselves to be better prepared for a digital future than their employer.

Prophet UK partner Paul English said: “Digital transformation brings significant changes to the working environment, the consequences – positive and negative – for people and companies can be profound. Employees need to embrace change for it to be successful, for sure.

“But businesses also need clear communications strategies in order to manage the anxieties around big change initiatives – fears among employees that they are becoming obsolete, that they’ll lose their jobs to technologies – which are very real and can be serious impediments if not manged early and actively.“

Working together for an ‘Inclusive Commonwealth’

As March 14 marks Commonwealth Day, Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond has called for people to “celebrate the diverse partnership of nations that makes up the modern Commonwealth”.

Hammond said: “I welcome this year’s theme of an Inclusive Commonwealth, which goes to the heart of the shared values set out in the Commonwealth Charter. Promoting tolerance, tackling discrimination and building inclusive governance and opportunity for all are critical to developing stronger, more secure and prosperous societies.

“The UK is committed to working with the Commonwealth, its member states and leaders to uphold our shared democratic values and the international rules-based system.”