News in brief: Digital Cities, cultural barriers

News in brief
News in brief

Digital City Peterborough enables growth opportunities

‘Digital City Peterborough’ has officially launched, positioning the city as one of the most digitally advanced in the world, alongside Singapore, Hong Kong and Tokyo. Spearheaded by Peterborough City Council, which wants to create a cutting-edge digital ecosystem, the initiative will transform the lives and prospects of residents and businesses.

Peterborough has become a fully functioning digital city running on an ultrafast citywide fibre network, built over the past two years. It already connects 107 public sector sites with a new wave of ubiquitous gigabit-speed services (essentially enabling 40x faster than superfast speeds of 24mbps), and the network is now extending to businesses across the city.

This translates to limitless opportunities for business growth and new prospects for the region. As the first gigabit city to be rolled out in the UK, Peterborough provides companies with the opportunities they need to propel themselves into the digital age.

Workshop helps SMEs struggling with linguistic barriers to exporting

Global intercultural specialist Farnham Castle has teamed up with Surrey University for a workshop entitled Developing a Global Mindset - Cultural Awareness in Business, which will aim to equip businesses with an understanding of culture and communication across linguistic and cultural boundaries.

The need for the initiative was sparked by research conducted by Surrey University and the Surrey Chambers of Commerce, which identified that SMEs who export goods to non-English speaking countries can encounter difficulties in developing effective strategies for communicating with customers and suppliers.