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Europe has a taste for British cheeses
Europe has a taste for British cheeses

Europe has a taste for British cheeses

The EU imported £330 million of UK cheese in 2015, and export volumes have been increasing by 8% since 2010.

This is according to Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss who hailed the success of British cheese exports, three-quarters of which went to Europe last year. France alone bought £59 million of British cheese, which is gaining a growing reputation across the continent for its quality and taste.

Outside the EU, cheese producers like Wyke Farms could face crippling tariffs of up to 30% to sell their produce to Europe, costing an additional £169m per year and meaning EU consumers would pay much higher prices for our cheese.

Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss said: “With a huge £330 million of cheese exports going to Europe it’s clear Somerset dairy farmers and producers are stronger, safer and better off as part of a reformed EU.

“Wyke Farms is a prime example of a farm business taking advantage of our tariff-free access to the world’s largest single market of 500 million customers to export their high-quality produce.”

Around 85% of UK shellfish exports head to the EU

Around 85% of all UK shellfish exports worth £360m were headed for European shores in 2015, according to Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss.

Since 2012, our scallop exports to France have leapt by almost 18% to the highest level since records began. Langoustine exports to Mediterranean countries like Spain were worth £80m and salmon exports, to all 27 EU member states, worth £220m to the economy in revenue in 2015.

Truss said: “With the UK exporting twice as much seafood to Europe than to the rest of the world - from scallops to France and langoustines to Spain - £360 million of British seafood is heading for Europe’s markets, making a splash on their menus.

“UK fishermen continue to reap the benefits of easy access, tariff-free, to the world’s largest single market of 500 million consumers. That is why it’s great to see UK companies flying the flag for our fishing industry in Brussels this week and using the opportunity to take advantage of easy access to the EU market.”