Accountancy in Africa - South Africa

Accountancy in South Africa
Accountancy in South Africa

While many economies in Africa are expanding fast, accountants agree that the continent has to build its business reporting and administration. Jamil Ampomah, Director for sub-Saharan Africa at the ACCA, takes a closer look at the industry in South Africa.

One of the elite G20 group of economies, South Africa enjoys well-developed infrastructure, sophisticated financial and legal systems and plenty of natural resources. It is seen as a world leader, particularly in the development of corporate governance.

South Africa has more than 40,000 professional accountants, although there is still a shortage of qualified professionals, especially in the public sector. Industry body SAICA (South African Institute of Chartered Accountants) is the market leader, although there are several other professional accountancy associations. CIMA and ACCA are also present in South Africa. Employers are keen to recruit returning South African accountants with international experience.

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